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Anthony Burrill x Chris Spencer-Payne

A large scale public artwork in the historic centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire.



The Anthony Burrill mural in the city centre of Leeds remains as some of my favourite work to date. Not only do I love the photos, I love how this opportunity came about. It started when I walked into the city with my drone and shot one specific image of the new mural. Not thinking much of it, I decided to drop Anthony a message on Instagram to let him know and to show him the shot I was so proud of. We chatted for a while in the DM’s and that’s when we realised we could potentially work together to create something unique.

So we exchanged phone numbers and arranged a call. We both decided that his website could do with some better images so Anthony commissioned me to head out into the centre once more to photograph his mural from all kinds of angles. After the photos were delivered, he called me about five minutes later, absolutely elated with the results. Like I said, it’s some of my proudest work, especially when it’s not my field of speciality whatsoever.

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