Josey & Eduard

Josey and Eduard

For my first ever couple shoot, I tagged along with Freya Raby and her two friends Josey and Eduard as the three of them tried to get back into the swing of portraiture.

It’s something I’ve wanted for a while but I’ve never known where to start and this, coincidentally, was the perfect place to do just that.

Josey and Eduard were the models for myself and Freya and we were the models for them and honestly I learnt so much in the space of about an hour.

How the day went

So we met Josey and Eduard in an undisclosed woodland near Leeds (it’s not undisclosed I just can’t remember where). It was my first time meeting them both and honestly, I was pretty nervous. Not only was I meeting some of Freya’s hella talented photography friends, it was also my first attempt at prompting people (spoiler alert I let Frey do all the posing and prompting.)

So we headed off into the woods like the bumbling pre-death horror film characters we were and immediately got lost and couldn’t figure out a location. After a while we did stumble across some woodland area with genuinely stellar light. Freya said in the car “I have a good feeling about this light” and after seeing the conditions we got, I immediately sent her CV to the BBC Meteorology department.

We sent them into the woods and started getting ready to shoot. Before we got to the location, Freya was telling me a bit about how she shoots and how she never poses people. She uses prompts to get the couple to engage and interact with each other so she can capture genuine moments and honestly I was blown away. It’s something I’d never really considered and it has infinitely impacted how I’ve approached all my couple shoots from here out.

Josey and Eduard are super confident in front of the camera (as well as behind wtf how multitalented do you need to be) which definitely helped because they also knew how to act in front of the camera which made the photos that much better.

Anyway, to cut a long story short. Freya, Josey and Eduard absolutely smashed this shoot out of the park and I managed to take some pretty pics all thanks to the Raby and her prompting. AND we got some photos of us where we don’t look like potatoes so that’s fun (I’ll put them down below).

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