Caitlin and Henry

Henry is one of my closest friends. I lived with him at uni and we’ve been brothers ever since. I love this man so much and it was a genuine honour to photograph him and Caitlin just a couple of days after they got engaged. It only took him six years to grow some balls. Well done Hendog.

how the day went

This day started a long time before the actual shoot. Let me take you back to university where I first learned of Caitlin’s existence. It was our second year, and young Henry met a girl (sort of through Twitter?!) via a mutual friend, Asha. Asha knew Caitlin and she knew she loved the Foo Fighters, and she also knew Henry would do anything for the Grohl and BAM romance = blossoming.

Anyway, their first date must’ve gone well because she ended up in Henry’s room whilst a bunch of other boys were studying in the room downstairs without any intoxication. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a girl or boy home in the early evening when your house has been full of your closest friends but you best believe that RIDICULE is coming, irrespective of the other persons presence or not.

Caitlin took this really well and ended up going out again with our protagonist. JUMP CUT. It’s one year later and Henry and I are living together and Caitlin is STILL on the scene. Crazy. Anyway, over that year, I got to know Caitlin really well and she is so damn wonderful.

Six years later and they’re now engaged with a lovely house and their life together is only just beginning.

Henry told us about his plans to propose and of course I immediately offered to photograph the occasion for my boy – this didn’t quite work out because he did it in his house and not in a beautiful nearby woods – BUT we settled on some engagement photos.

It was my second ever couples shoot and I didn’t feel confident doing it on my own so I employed Freya to come with me. Money wasn’t my strong suit so I paid with my unbridled culinary prowess and ordered an Indian for us later that evening.

Anyway, Raby came with and once again took control and prompted the living SHIT out of Henry and Caitlin and the photos came out beautifully. Honestly, if you’re reading this go and check out Freya she’s fantastic.

The sun was mesmerising. The pics were beautiful. The vibe was unmatched.

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